The natural way to being healthy

Long before the cure for sicknesses are found inside medicine cabinets, our ancestors found treatments for ailments right in their backyards. Yes, backyards.

Research shows that the use of indigenous plants for healing different illnesses go as far back as 5,000 years ago, when Sumerians used herbs, while Ancient Egyptians used garlic, castor and mind as an effective cure-all.

As Western medicine and over-the-counter pills have risen in cost, and have now become standard remedies for colds, cough and other ailments, there is increased demand for natural and more organic methods to cure different maladies.

The 1997 TAMA (Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act) further pushed the alternative medicine movement in the Philippines – people with diabetes now take Ampalaya, and pregnant women take Malunggay.

Another source of alternative medicine is a five-leafed chaste tree whose leaves can cure coughs, asthma and other bronchopulmonary disorders – Lagundi.

Studies done by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) revealed that Lagundi leaves contain chrysoplenol D, a muscle relaxant as well as Isoorientin, Casticin and Luteolin, which all anti-histamine properties, making it an excellent treatment for asthma and the expulsion of phlegm.

A concoction made of dried lagundi leaves is now being sold in tablet, capsule and syrup in popular drug stores as a much safer alternative to chemical-based cough and asthma medicine – this is ASCOF Lagundi.

Cheaper, safer, and better, ASCOF Lagundi is the natural choice for cough medicine. This concoction continues the tradition of using plants as the cure for ailments, like what our ancestors did.

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