Some tips on staying healthy with this topsy-turvy weather

Summer may be on the horizon, but knowing our topsy-turvy weather, one must always be prepared, even for the rain. Because of these unexpected weather changes, it is at this time when most people, especially children and the elderly, get cough and colds. Add to that other factors – allergies, cigarette smoking, exposure to pollutants and second hand smoke – and the risk of getting sick becomes greater.

Here are some tips to counter these environmental factors:

 1. Always bring an umbrella or a cap, because whether sunny or rainy, it'll help you shield you from sickness
 2. Don't smoke and avoid smoking, as cigarette smoke will surely irritate your lungs
 3. Practice frequent hand washing
 4. Get enough rest and eat a balanced diet
 5. If sick, avoid using cough medicines that are made of chemicals since this could trigger possible side effects that will only exacerbate one's cough. Instead, take medicines that are made of natural ingredients like ASCOF Lagundi.

Manufactured by Pascual Laboratories, ASCOF Lagundi is made from 100 percent Lagundi leaves and is available in ponkan, menthol and new strawberry-flavored variants.

As one of the 10 herbal medicines endorsed by the Department of Health, Lagundi is an effective natural medicine with proven therapeutic value. It has been clinically proven effective in treating not just cough but also bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and pharyngitis.

Aside from having no side-effects, Lagundi is more affordable than their synthetic counterparts.

This topsy-turvy weather shouldn't make you have a gloomy summer – counter these environmental factors and use ASCOF Lagundi when necessary, the natural, safe and effective medicine.

No approved therapeutic claims.