About Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp.

One company that puts a premium on consumers' health and well-being is Pascual Laboratories, a Filipino-founded global enterprise with a true passion for healthcare and love for life. Through its young and dynamic subsidiary, Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corporation (PCHC), it markets over-the-counter brands that serve to answer the lifestyle needs of consumers. PCHC is deeply passionate about helping people take control of their health and well-being through their breakthrough natural and healthcare products that offer superior value.

With a myriad of Pharmaceutical products available, making smarter choices isn't always easy. Choosing the right brand is as crucial as knowing what it is you need to take. At PCHC, we not only ensure that our products are the smarter choice because of their efficacy, but we also make sure that they are safe and affordable.

We ensure that every product we provide can contribute to your overall health and wellness. Through its continuous development of quality and innovative products, PascualLab has become the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the industry. Its pioneering culture helped transform its winning products into winning brands.

PCHC offers a diverse range of products that include vitamins (Poten-Cee, Glutaphos), natural food supplements (a!life, Pro-Lacta, Amargozin, Immuvit and Diaban), personal care products (Oracare Mouthrinse, OraCare Toothpaste), fiber supplement category (C-lium Fibre) and natural cough remedies (Ascof Lagundi).

Our value for your health extends beyond our products – PCHC hosts various projects from fun runs, corporate wellness tours to school tours that all cater to your specific health needs.

We at PCHC are with you in every wellness choice you decide to make. From the right vitamin, food or nutritional supplement, oral hygiene products to cough remedies, we make it easy for you to make the smarter choice.

Don't just choose, make smarter choices. Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. – the smarter choice to health, above all else.


For health above all else, make the smarter choice with Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. products.


Live better. Live Smarter. Choose Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. products.